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Indian staking pool run from Dubai adastake.dev Pool is a Proof-of-Stake Pool for Ada (Cardano) focused on Security, High Availability and the Betterment of Ada. We plan to be operational with the start of Cardano's open Ouroboros delegation.


High Availability

The staking nodes will have high availability servers and redundancies in place. This is to ensure your rate of return for staking is as high as possible 24/7 365 days availability.

Server Configurations

| | Memory- 32GB | | CPU- 8 vCPUs | | Bandwith- 2 GBPS | | SSD Disk 640GB


We run the pool for the cummunity and to drive the adoption of the Cardano network making it a little bit more secure and decentralized. We only ask a 2% Tax Fee so almost all rewards go to the delegators.